Stegner Bell

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Who am I?


I’m a sophomore double majoring in Marketing (Professional Sales) and Business Data Analytics. I grew up in Kirkland, Washington with big family of six. Before I came to Arizona State University I spent most of my time playing football, lacrosse and a variety of winter sports. The decision of selecting your perfect university for the most crucial developmental 4 years of your life is not an easy one. But when my older brother who is a Sigma Nu at Arizona State University shared the divine brotherhood, network and social experience granted by Sigma Nu at Arizona State University. I came to the  obvious conclusion that coming to Arizona State University and rushing Sigma Nu was exactly what I needed to maximize my college experience. So I would like congratulate you on your enrollment in one of the best universities in the world and hope to see you at this years rush!

After rushing Sigma Nu my college experience was truly elevated to a level I could have never imagined. I developed a great network who pushed me to get above a 4.0 my first semester, on top of vastly improving my resume. From seniors pursuing the same major, providing me with academic and professional development advice. Or becoming friends with last years student body president, who gave me the distinct opportunity to be the co-founding Vice-President, of a non-profit organization on campus, XHunger. Thanks to the network at Sigma Nu, I got my foot in doors I could have never wished for. I was able to work my way up as president for XHunger’s Arizona State University chapter and the president of XHunger’s national academic board. Sigma Nu has an unmatched professional developmental pledge process which has allowed me, in my first semester at ASU, to grow my professional achievements, maintain above a 4.0, build a large network of accomplished alumni and active brothers. The pledge process is the root of the man I am today, in addition to the best months of my life.

I can passionately and proudly speak on the excellence of Sigma Nu at Arizona State University. After winning the award, for the last two years, Arizona State University Fraternity of the year, the last two student body president elections, growing to be the largest fraternity on campus with a network filled of accomplished brothers, receiving the highest GPA on campus several times and a lifetime of memories. I can honestly say Sigma Nu is the best fraternity on campus whether you are looking for academic excellence, a distinguished professional network or the best social event you can find in Tempe, AZ. With all of that being said, If you are thinking of rushing a fraternity this fall, I would encourage you to rush Arizona State University’s best fraternity, Sigma Nu. 

If you would have questions about Sigma Nu, general greek life questions or getting involved on campus as soon as possible to set yourself up for success! I would love to help you get your foot in the door for the most important years of your academic, professional, and social life.

Please reach out if you have any questions!