Featured Brothers

Andrew Vinci

Andrew Vinci is a member of the Spring ‘23 Pledge Class. Andrew is a Barrett Honors student majoring in Sports Business with an Applied Business Data Analytics Certificate. Outside of the fraternity at ASU, Andrew has been an intern for the Programming and Activities Board, VP of Operations for the Leadership Forum, A Devils Advocate Tour Guide, Chairman of Military Advocacy for the University Boards and Committees, a member of the Order of Omega, member of the Sports Business Association, and will be the new Senate Clerk for Undergraduate Student Government this upcoming year. Within the fraternity, Andrew has been the risk manager as well as the community service chairman. In his free time, Andrew loves playing golf, lifting, bartending, and helping out in the community.

Omaha, Nebraska

Oscar Perry

Oscar is a member of the Fall ‘22 Pledge Class. Oscar is a junior majoring in Finance. Oscar is a professional videographer and has been working with NFL players this past summer. He has also worked with many of ASU’s athletic teams. He's currently starting a marketing and production agency. Within Sigma Nu, Oscar serves as the social media chairman and videographer. You can find Oscar hooping, hiking, making videos or hitting the gym.

Templeton, California

Max Fields

Max Fields is a Spring ’22 pledge class member pursuing a degree in Finance, with a minor in Economics, and a certificate in Applied Business Data Analytics. During his time in Sigma Nu, Max was involved with numerous committees before being elected to and serving as Vice President of the chapter. This year, he will be serving as the Professional Development Chairman. On campus, Max has proven himself as a leader in numerous ventures, including founding the Financial Literacy and Market Economics Club, serving as the Vice President of Finance for both The Leadership Forum at ASU and the Tech2Sales Association, serving as a WPC 101 Facilitator, participating in the Undergraduate Student Investment Management Fund, and volunteering to give campus tours through Devil’s Advocates. Max loves to stay active outdoors outside of school with activities like hiking, camping, and pick-up sports.

El Dorado Hills, California

Nate Welton

Nate is a member of the Fall ‘21 Pledge Class. Nate is a senior majoring in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Business. Within the fraternity, Nate has gotten involved in a variety of different areas. He has served as the Sorority Relations Chair and been involved heavily with the social committee, rush committee, and apparel committee. Nate has also represented Delta Zeta as their sweetheart, Turtleman. Outside of the fraternity, Nate has served as a USG Senator for Ira. A Fulton School of Engineering, as well as the Finance Chair for the USG Senate. He currently serves as the Director of Safety Escort for Undergraduate Student Government. He is also the project manager for his team in NASA L’Space Mission Concept, a workforce development academy.

Some of Nate's hobbies include fitness, photography, traveling, cooking and the outdoors.

Vallejo, California

Stegner Bell

Stegner is a member of the Fall ‘21 Pledge Class. Stegner is a senior double majoring in Data Analytics and Professional Sales. Stegner was named the Emerging Leader of the Year for all of Greek Life at Arizona State (2022-2023). Within the fraternity, Stegner has served as the Recruitment Chairman. Outside of the fraternity, Stegner has served as the Director of Government Affairs and heads the Technology Advisory Board for the Undergraduate Student Government. He was the president and founder of XHunger at Arizona State. Stegner also founded Greek Fest at Arizona State, the largest event in the Greek Leadership Village. Some of Stegner's hobbies include traveling, cooking, working out, and spending time with his family.

Seattle, Washington

Pictured with Tempe Mayor, Corey Woods.

Cameron De La Torre 

Cameron De La Torre is a member of the Spring ‘23 Pledge Class. Cameron is double majoring in Marketing (Professional Sales) and Supply Chain Management with a minor in Medical Studies. Outside of the fraternity, Cameron is heavily involved at Arizona State including being a WPC 101 Facilitator, an APPLE for W.P. Carey’s Leader Academy, the Order of Omega Vice President of Internal Affairs, a Tour Guide for Devil’s Advocates, Chairman of Parking and Transit for the University Board and Committee, Director of Student Affairs Intern for the Undergraduate Student Government, a member of the Pickleball Club and represents Kappa Alpha Theta as one of their “Kite King.” Within the fraternity, Cameron will serve as the Chaplain for this upcoming school year. In his free time, Cameron loves playing spike ball, spending time with the guys, and running.

Ponte Vedra, Florida 

Dominic Frattura 

Dominic Frattura is our oldest and most esteemed member. He moved to Arizona from the northwest suburbs of Chicago in 2017 and has been involved in nearly every capacity and aspect of Zeta Upsilons growth over the last 6 years. He majored in Business Global Politics and has 6 months left till he graduates from the #1 ranked masters program in Management, the Thunderbird School of Global Management. Dom is priorly known for his involvement in student government, campus ambassadors, and various work with the ASU Administration. Dom’s fraternity involvement consists of sitting on the ZY House Corporation, serves the fraternity nationally and works to connect with brothers as their leadership advisor/consultant. You can catch him at his job in the presidents office at ASU or golfing with our alumni.

Chicago, Illinois