Zach Leso

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Get to Know Me

What’s up Gents,

I’m a junior majoring in construction management and technology. I currently serve as the Vice President, here at Sigma Nu. I grew up in San Diego, CA where I would spend most of my time playing sports such as football, wrestling and pole vaulting. When I decided to major in construction management, I looked into multiple top construction Management university across the nation. Arizona State University stood out to me, due to it being ranked #1 in the west for construction management. Once I visited Arizona State University my senior year, I knew there was no university that would possibly be a better fit. You guys definitely made the right decision when choosing Arizona State University, and I could not be more excited for everyone of you!

When I came to Arizona State, my first goal was  to surround myself with a good group of like minded people. Individuals who would push me to be a better man every day. As soon as I met the brothers of Sigma Nu at rush, I knew these were the guys I needed to achieve my first goal. Guys that would be able to hold me to a higher standard, enabling me to make the most out of my four year college experience. Soon after being initiated I was immediately granted the opportunity to be assistant Rush chair. This positioned floored me with the great opportunity to develop my knowledge within Sigma Nu and how to professionally reach out, market and speak with each individual who considered rushing. In doing so I learned many valuable lessons and skills that influenced me to run for vice president of the fraternity, I without a doubt would not have won this position if it wasn’t from the qualities instilled in me during my Pledgeship. In the end, I am extremely proud to represent a group of 150 men that love to have a great time but also know how to set themselves up for success come graduation!

So please shoot me a text, I am more than happy to answer any questions you have about Sigma Nu or rush. Deciding what fraternity you want to be apart of for the next years of your life is a big decision. I can assure you, rushing Sigma Nu is the best decision I have made and I am hoping it will be the best decision you have ever made!

Thanks Gents, and Roll SNU