Ryan Bailey

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Who am I?

Whats up guys,

I’m a junior majoring in Finance with a minor in Real Estate. I was born and raised in Buffalo, New York. Growing up, I spent most of my time playing hockey and soccer. These two sports consumed most of my childhood. When I wasn't playing those, you could find me hanging out with friends, skiing, or going to the gym. I simply just love to be active and am down for whatever. I'm the youngest of five and two of my siblings ended up attending Arizona State. After continuous visits to ASU for my older brother and older sister, I began to think this place was for me. The decision became clear after getting accepted into Barrett. I moved across the country and have not looked back since.

Moving across the country not knowing anyone was a bit intimidating but I knew Greek Life was something I was interested in. Growing up, I was always surrounded by my soccer and hockey teammates and that created a tremendous bond. I was looking for something similar. My older brother was in Greek Life here at ASU and stressed the importance of finding a good group of like-minded individuals and the positive effects it can have on you. After rushing Sigma Nu my fall semester of my freshmen year, I knew my life had changed for the better. The standard of excellence that Sigma Nu pushes has helped me accomplish things I never could have without the fraternity. In my freshmen year, I was elected to represent over 4,000 students to be a Barrett Senator for Undergraduate Student Government, as well as becoming a campus tour guide for the university. My brothers have pushed me to be better and expand my horizons. The emphasis on a balance between academics, professional work and a social life is why I admire Sigma Nu so much. After winning the award for Fraternity of the Year for the past four years here at Arizona State, having two of the last 3 student body presidents, receiving the highest GPA on campus several times and a lifetime of memories. I can proudly and confidently say that Sigma Nu is the best fraternity on campus. I encourage you all to come out to fall rush.

If you have any questions about Sigma Nu, general greek life, or rush related information, please feel free to reach out to me. I would love to help out anyway possible!